Machining – Elite Tool & Die’s world class equipment is ready to meet the most demanding requirements for today’s machining needs. Critical features and positional relationship tolerances are assured through the selection of proper equipment and tooling. We have extensive experience machining the full range of materials (ductile iron, grey iron, steel, ADI, aluminum and other exotics), through processes including:

  • Horizontal Machining (400mm to 800mm)
  • Vertical Machining (400mm to 630mm)
  • Lathes (2-Axis, Horizontal and Vertical)

Assembly – Elite Tool is capable of providing sub-assembly when needed. By utilizing cycle time, we optimize cost. We are also capable of torque, pressure and functional tests per customer requirements.

Design – With design resources on staff, we are able to fully optimize fixture and tooling concepts for specific customer needs. That optimization allows for shorter lead times and faster product launch.

Fixture and Tooling – Our in-house, fully equipped tool room provides fixtures and tooling to support both our own production requirements, as well as those of our customers. This resource provides flexibility and rapid response during key prototype and production stages.